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Send form responses from your website directly to your email inbox. No server code needed.

3 easy steps to send a form from your website

Contact forms
Reservation forms
Customer support
Project inquires
Bug reports
Product questions

Install & initialize Mailik SDK

Start with installing Mailik SDK into your project and initializing it in your code where your form is being handled.
 npm i @mailik/sdk
 import Mailik from "@mailik/sdk";

Define the core variables

Define the form response title, body & pass the user email as a replyTo so you know who you should reply too.
const mail = {
  body: { message },
  replyTo: { email },
  subject: "Form inquiry from MyPage",

Create the send trigger

Set up a trigger action which will make Mailik send you the form resposne. Things like public key & form recepient must be set up in the admin panlu.
const result = 
await Mailik("PUBLIC-KEY").send(mail);

Why Mailik?

Effortlessly oversee responses from your websites & ensure they reach the right recipients

Easy to setup

All you need to do is to setup a project and add a couple lines of code to your form (or ask your dev team to do it for you).

No server code needed

Simple as that, no server code needed at all. All you need to start are just a few lines of code added to your website.

No more missed resposnes

You won't miss any more important leads or inquiries. All of them will be forwarded to a specified e-mail address. Of course, you can add multiple e-mail addresses for different projects, or even the same one, it's all up to you.

About services

Stop losing leads from your website forms.

Manage all your forms esponses. Forward them instantly to your inboxes.


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