Mailik - The React email collector

Base syntax for sending emails

const mailikResult = await Mailik(AUTH_KEY).send({
  body: MAIL_BODY,
  replyTo: REPLY_TO,
  subject: SUBJECT,

Authentication / parameters

publicKey: String! The public key header.

body: String! The body of the email. Can be in HTML format.

subject: String! The subject of the email.

replyTo: String! The email address to reply to.


response.status === "OK" Mail was sent successfully

response.status === "FAILED" Backed rejected the request

response.errorMessage Information about network error

Schema URL

Schema is available at

Code example in TypeScript

import Mailik from "@mailik/sdk";

type MailInputType = { body: string; subject: string; replyTo: string };

const handleSubmit = (values: MailInputType) => {
  const res = await Mailik(YOURS_API_KEY).send({
    body: `
              Message: ${data.message},
    subject: "Mail subject",
  if (res.status === "OK") {
    console.log("Mail send!");
  console.log("Status", res.status);
  console.log("Message", res.message);
  console.log("Network error", res.errorMessage);

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